The great carrot cake debate!

posted 11 Aug 2011, 03:39 by Kirsty Hoyle   [ updated 11 Aug 2011, 03:48 ]
I have been asked to provide 'healthy' cupcakes for an open day at a dance studio. We are known more for indulgent treats rather than healthy options but we have launched ourselves into the carrot cake world (which despite the sugar does contain a vegetable!) I, myself am vegi-phobic so I needed to gather a possie of testers to help me find the right recipe and I think it went rather well. The winning recipe was 'B' which is available from today and contains sultanas, carrots, cinnamon and fresh orange icing made with golden icing sugar and mascarpone cheese. My fab testers were, Murray, Clare & Jamie, Janet, Norval & Kyla, Barbara, John, Chris, Laura & Kimberley, Susan and Andrew and Kathy & Susan. Many thanks for your imput!