A wedding, a very special birthday and some bagpipes!

posted 17 May 2016, 09:03 by Kirsty Hoyle
This weekend was very busy but with very enjoyable cakes. It's always good to try different techniques and ideas and these cakes had great room for creativity.
First was the wedding cake for my friend Tracey. She was my first every paying cake customer in 2011 and now I was asked to make her wedding cake. I was very honoured. She had some great ideas and posted off to me some elements she wanted included in the cake. The top tier was sticky toffee madeira and the bottom, vanilla. The cake had to travel from Edinburgh to Liverpool on the morning of the wedding so it was a bit pressurised (not least for the driver).  But it got there and Tracey & Alan loved it. Yey!

Next was a special birthday cake for my Mum (I'm not allowed to mention age!) But it was a landmark birthday which required  a pretty spectacular cake. I got to use 'Cake Lace' for this which is a fantastic technique and I can't wait to use it again. Mum had her favourite chocolate cake on the bottom and vanilla up top.

Lastly was a bagpipe cake for a sixteen year old star piper. We took the tartan of her kilt which her Mum sent to me and printed it on icing sheets and used that as the cover for the cake board which turned out to be really effective.